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There are many wonderful things to do in Fuerteventura . You can take a number of excursions - take the stress out of doing the hard work and let the tour operators provide their expertise - they get everything sorted for you. All you have to do is book, pay, turn up and enjoy.

Here's a word of warning:

If you travel independently, especially to the South (Jandia), book your excursions at the same time as your holiday booking. Otherwise, you may find it very difficult to book good excursions. The holiday representatives with the tour operators will only book excursions for their own clients. Some hotels offer excursions but the choice is rather limited. Unlike other Canary Islands and resorts, you won't find many independent Excursions on offer in Jandia.

From Caleta de Fuste, you can take a full day coach tour to Jandia. It's a very pleasant journey taking in mountains and scenery, going past local villages and towns, with blankets of wall climbing flowers and colours on display.

You stop at Jandia for lunch and relaxation, with its superb inviting beach continuing mile after mile. Of course,  you'll have ample time to do your shopping - or just to top up that sun tan.

Oasis Park

A zoo and botanical gardens to entertain and educate the young as well as those young at heart.. Safari rides and camel rides. Special shows featuring parrots and reptiles. Oasis Park is a good choice but avoid the smaller zoo in Jandia (it's adjacent to the Dunas Playas Resort, not much at all in that zoo to justify the entry fee). 


Join a catamaran cruise as you get close to the elements - water and wind and waves. Look out for those dolphins, whales and flying fish and be ready to shoot (with your camera only please).

Some excursions allow you to snorkel or swim. Then it's time to eat and enjoy the sunshine as you head back to the coast. Main Catamaran excursions are from Puerto de Corralejo in the North.

Smaller Catamaran in Jandia but that's just for staying local (not deep sea trips)

Lanzarote Excursion

Excursion from Corralejo, taking a glass bottom boat all the way to Lanzarote. You are likely to see dolphins, whales and flying fish.

Your excursion will take you to see the "fire" mountain, give you time for a well needed lunch and have some spare time for picking up some souvenirs.

Baku Water Park

If you love water, this is for you. It has many water rides and slides to keep you happy: Lazy river; Wave pool; Slides and more water water water, splash splash splash.

The Buggy Experience - 4 wheel buggy - requires an international driving license. The freedom to explore at your own pace and in your own time. However, we prefer to rent a car.

Jardin Botanico - Botanical Garden

For nature and garden lovers, this is a must. Cacti, Palms, Tropical Plants by the thousands to admire and study. Wonderful gardens to relax and to enjoy a picnic.

Other Activities and Ideas

Learn Sailing and add a lot of enjoyment to your vacation

Windsurfing - another very popular activity in many parts of the island but particularly so in Corralejo where the winds and waves are perfect for this.

Go walking - discover hidden local gems and scenery

Go fly a kite - the wind makes this a perfect place to let your kite go as high as you dare - how long is your string?

Pack a picnic and enjoy beach, garden or mountain views as you get stuck into your mouth watering hamper

Get on your bike

Hire a car and go exploring

Chipmunks, goats, peacocks, heron, crane, green "mini parrot" birds all roam free in some parts of the island (Jandia, near Dunas Playas Resort, Sunrise Beach Resort, etc. and some Chipmunks in Caleta de Fuste)

Mountain climbing for the fit - The Pico de la Zarza awaits you


Sauna and Spa

Turkish Bath


Night shows (at your hotel or other venues)

Disco / dancing

Beach football / volleyball

Golf / mini golf

Watch the Sunrise / Sunset (fabulous)

People Watching (get a tea or coffee at one of the many cafes and watch the world go by)

and a lot more ...

Costa Caleta, Caleta de Fuste

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Shopping Tips

Also, Beware of the tourist scam - and save your money ...

We will cover more in the next issue

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